Member Engagement Sessions

How can your credit union better serve its membership? How can your credit union better serve your community?

These are the two questions that we asked our members to answer over the course of five member engagement sessions in October and November 2016. We are so proud of the feedback and participation that we received at these sessions. Please take a few minutes to review each of the one-page summary documents below. Our branch and corporate operations teams have been hard at work in the months since these sessions to look for ways in which to address your suggestions. Our 2017 Business Plan is our most important one to date in terms of ensuring that we stay true to our commitment to our communities and to our co-operative principles and values.  At Leading Edge Credit Union we believe that we are a community organization first and foremost; the products and services that we offer are solely for the betterment of our individual members and their communities. 

Please follow us on our Facebook page at to stay informed about our current and upcoming activities. We also encourage you to continue to share with us your thoughts and ideas on ways in which we can continue to partner with our communities for the collective good. Please email us at or contact our corporate office at 709-695-7065.

Sessions 2016