At their 27 May 2013 meeting, the Board of Directors of your credit union decided to add a new means of communicating with you.  We have created this page on our website to inform you of non-confidential items under current consideration and other matters of interest.   These notes will appear periodically, and often after meetings of the Board.

If you would like to contact the Board directly, with any concerns, comments or matters of mutual interest, please send us an email at

We hope you will avail of this opportunity to maintain closer ties with your credit union.





  • Volume 3, Number 1
    Deposit/Loan Growth, Equity Ratio, Service, Corporate Social Responsbility, Board Governance
  • Volume 3, Number 2
    Election of Officers and Appointment of Committees, Hubert Hall, Co-operative Principles and Social Responsibility
  • Volume 3, Number 3
    LECU and Co-operative Principles, Credit Unions versus Non-Financial Co-operatives, Governance - A Reminder
  • Volume 3, Number 4
    Why Does LECU Behave as it Does?, Greetings and Invitation to Action






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