Become an Owner

Explore the credit union difference!


Atlantic Edge Credit Union is a full service financial institution owned and operated by its members. Unlike chartered banks, this gives you the say in how the credit union operates!


How do I become a member?

Simple! Just meet with or phone one of our friendly Financial Service Representatives and they will take you through the entire process. Note: all members invest $5.00 in equity shares. It is important to remember that this $5.00 is not a fee, but rather an investment. If at any point in time you decide to close your account, your $5.00 can be returned to you, no questions asked. 

What are some of the credit union advantages?

One advantage of joining the credit union is our diverse options and lower fees! We provide various chequing packages, such as our YOUR Chequing Unlimited.  While money orders at most banks are $5.00, with our Unlimited plan, they are FREE! In addition to this, our rates on RRSPs and GICs are more competitive than chartered banks.


What conveniences can I enjoy?

With Atlantic Edge Credit Union, you will enjoy the same great features that you would with a chartered bank. We offer user-friendly online banking, telephone banking and ATM service.


How do I switch?

Switching is made simple! Just visit one of our friendly Financial Service Representatives to discuss our flexible options! We can determine which plan is right for you.


Atlantic Edge Credit Union

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